Gorgeous, What Are You?

by emilysafe

What are you?

Your cheekbones cut me and I bleed. I laugh, and I wonder, what are you? You are a human being amongst other human beings, jostled about in an ocean of greedy flesh, everything a mess, everything a bore. You are like an angel invisible, a beautiful thing overlooked. But as the veil slipped, it was I who saw you.

Never have I met a person with a soul so close to their skin. I can see it pulsing beneath, I can hear your heartbeat through your clothes. My love, you are barely sewn shut. You bulge under my fingertips, I must be gentle with you lest you burst.

You are of the world, dead to the light, but for all this chaos, I can taste your innocence. Your eyes are huge, you look at me as if I am a new creature; if I gaze too long I will fall inside and become trapped in this terrible ecstasy. But what I tell you is not young; it is only that others do not understand. No one has held your spirit close as I do now, it has never occurred to them that you could be full of such riches.

Do you believe what I say? Come here and let me look down your throat – what lies have you been feasting on, my love? You have been made to feel as a puddle on the crust of this earth but in truth you are deeper than the deepest ocean. Your mind is not soft as you believe it to be, you are not slow, you are not a clone of your brothers, you are not empty. Throw off these things!

Take my hand, and I shall show you who made you. Oh, what sweet mercies you have yet to sample. Don’t take my word for it, look up, up, there you go. Such unabashed passionate love your Creator bears for you! Do you feel it? So warm, so strong. I kiss you and I am not ashamed. Your tongue is a delicacy inside my mouth, your lips tenderness in true form. Do you trust me? Come, let me show you all that I know.